Please use the TransferWise service with a low fee for the bank transfer.
We do not accept PayPal payments.
Depending on the currency, credit cards can be used with the TransferWise service.

Select "Send to someone else" in the TransferWise service and register the transfer destination.
Please copy and paste the input items to prevent mistakes.

(1) ""
(2) " "
(3) "Japan"
(4) "TOKYO"
(5) "2-25-7-401, Kamiigusa, Suginami-ku"
(6) "167-0023"
If gPrefectureh is requested, enter gTOKYOh.
(7) "Japan Net Bank"
(8) "Honten"
(9) "Futsuu"
(10) "1667739"

Please make sure that the transfer amount (JPY) matches the total order (JPY).
(Example: When the order amount is 10000 JPY)