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The price has been revised due to the impact of the depreciation of the yen. (2022/10/21)

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Products List

Product Price Installation manual difficulty
Nintendo 3DS XL capture kit(LL-SPA3)
11800JPY Japanese
(See "USB connector
integrated type".)
Level 3
Nintendo 3DS XL capture kit(LL-SPA3 Separate)
12300JPY Japanese
(See "USB connector
separate type".)
Level 4
Case processing is difficult
Nintendo 3DS capture kit(N-SPA3)
11800JPY Japanese
Level 4
Case processing is difficult
Nintendo New 3DS XL capture kit(New-SPA3)
13000JPY Japanese Level 5
Flexible for replacement(LL-SPA3)
Flexible for replacement(N-SPA3)
Flexible for replacement(New-SPA3)

You can download the viewer application here.

Paper instructions are not included.
We do not provide any support for installation or usage.
No returns or exchanges will be accepted.

Capture kits for Nintendo 2DS and New Nintndo 2DS XL
and New Nintdndo 3DS are not available.

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